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Betül Bitir Soylu
Ph. D. Student

E-mail  :
Address: Middle East Technical University, Institute of
                Marine Sciences
                Erdemli Campus, Mersin, TURKEY

betül foto.jpg

Research Interest

Climate Change, Aquatic Ecosystems, Protection of Biodiversity, Diatoms, Benthic Phytoplankton, Paleoecology



2021-Now | PhD, Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries, METU-IMS, TURKEY
2019-2014 | MSc, Institute of Forensic Sciences, İstanbul University, TURKEY
2011-2007 | BSc, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, İstanbul University, TURKEY


Professional Experience

2023- Now | Graduate Research Assistant, Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Sciences Mersin, TURKEY
2018-2015 |
 Molecular Biologist, Lotus Food Analysis Laboratory, İstanbul, TURKEY


Bitir Soylu, B., Erkan, I., Yükseloğlu, E. H., Searching of the Genetically Modified Organisms and Their Products’ Status and Evaluation of Food Safety and Regulations in Turkey in Terms of The Forensic Sciences, Commagene Journal of Biology, 2020

Oceanographic Cruises

2023 March & June: Research cruises with R/V Bilim-2 in the Black Sea and the East Mediterranean Sea

Scientific Events


  • Molecular Life of Diatoms (MLD7), 2023 Conference, Online

  • Poster Presentation, Ecological and Climatological Investigation of Karagöl Alpine Lake at Bolkar Mountains Using Sedimantary Records, Ecological and Evolutionary Biology 2022 Symposium, METU, Ankara

  • Oral Presentation, Diatom Stratigraphy and Biogeochemical Changes of a PeriGlacial Lake on Robert Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Open Science Conference (SCAR 2022) k, Online

  • Oral Presentation, Searching Of Geneticaly Modified Organisms And Their Products’s Situations For Food Safety Issues From The Viewpoint Of Forensic Science By Qualatitive And Quantitative Methods

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