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Zeray Ayral Gülmez
M. Sc. Student

E-mail  :
Address: Middle East Technical University, Institute of
                Marine Sciences
                Erdemli Campus, Mersin, TURKEY

zeray photo.jpg

Research Interest

Marine Biogeochemistry, Planetary Science, Microbial Ecology of the Deep Sea, Climate Change, Paleoclimate, Paleoecology



2022- Now | M.Sc., Department of Oceanography, METU- IMS, TURKEY

2016- 2022 | B.Sc., Department of Biology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, METU, TURKEY

Oceanic Cruises

2022 – Now  | Research cruises with R/V Bilim-2 in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea (~20 days in total)

Scientific Events


(Poster) - Yücel, M., Alımlı, N., Gülmez, Z. A., Cura, H., Demir, N. Y., Mantıkçı, M. (2023). Organic carbon distributions and carbon burial in a modern Proterozoic ocean analogue: the Sea of Marmara. Goldschmidt Conference 2023, the Geochemical Society & the European Association of Geochemistry, Lyon, France.


Geochemical Society

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